An Open Letter to Misogynysts Everywhere


I am a human being, not a piece of meat or property!
Black men had the right to vote before women in America.
I have the right to do what I choose without fear of assault or retaliation.
I am not a bitch because I do not accept your advances.
I am not a bitch because I am assertive and maintain my boundaries.
You do not have the right to violate my boundaries!
I don’t have something up my ass when I expect you to do the job for which you were hired!
There is such a thing as a glass ceiling for women and minorities. You choose not to see it.
I am not less valuable because I choose to stay home to raise my children.
I am not a bad mother because I choose to work outside the home.
How dare you make laws telling me what I shall or shall not do with my own body!
You won’t give me birth control or let me have an abortion but you give men Viagra or cialis!
Rape is not about sex it is about power!
I was 2 when my uncle began molesting me.
I was 14 when I was gang raped at a party.
Then I spent the next 4 years in HS classes with my rapists.
I was raped again when I was 16 on a date. I said no! He didn’t stop.
The UCSB shooter’s manifesto should be proof of the role misogyny plays in rape and stalking!
It should prove there is a subculture that exists. Just as racism still exists.
Rape on college campuses is rampant because men don’t respect women and are threatened by one who may be more intelligent.
Women cannot get abortions in Texas because the doctor has to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, but the hospitals deny privileges because they fear litigation.
How are women who are victims of intimate partner violence supposed to get help when you close the clinics down?
The GOP consistently votes against women’s issues; abortion, equal rights, equal pay, etc.
I once voted republican but no more.
I can’t be part of the old white bigot misogynist party.
Just look at the sexual assault rates in the military.
Women are being assaulted again and again yet nothing is being done.
Men are given little or no time for sexual or other types of assault.
Why is Mental Health not a priority in this country?
When you vote against women’s rights and issues you show men that we don’t matter.
I will not accept being a second class citizen simply because I am female!
Without women the human race would cease to exist.
We create life.
We nurture, love, and heal.
We are the head of more households in America yet we make less on the dollar.
We are the breadwinners and raising our children alone.
Why can’t we afford to raise the minimum wage?
Why are there children in America picking Tobacco?
Why are there children in this country going hungry while we send money and aid to foreign countries?!

If I do nothing in this life but get my daughter to adulthood without being sexually abused or assaulted, it will be my greatest achievement.

End of Rant

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